Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Selling my two metal cock rings

I'm looking to sell my two metal cock rings. If you're interested let me know.

Donut Shaped Cock Ring RingSize 51mm

1" Band Cock Ring RingSize 51mm

Friday, 18 January 2013

Q & A

I've had a few emails recently regarding my blog and also what ball weights I use etc. So I thought I'd put them down on the blog for everyone to read.

Q. Will it really stretch my balls out in a way that the whole thing gets longer permanently?
A. Having the weights definitely helps stretch the skin and balls. I found that my balls do hang lower having worn weights for a couple of years now.

Q. Can you give me a hint how to do it and how long it will take to have a visible result?
A. I started off with 420g, then onto 635g and then both at the same time. Both the weights I have are 36mm inner diameter and then 30mm in height for the small one (420g) and 45mm for the larger size (635g). They seem to fit nicely on my balls and only when I wear both together do my balls go a little blue.

Q. What would you suggest to wear while work to stretch - invisibly without too much pain?
A. I wear my smaller weight (420g) every day and in Winter cover it with a small sock to keep my balls warm. I think it's important to wear the weight as much as possible so that they are constantly being stretched.

Q. How many hours do you wear weights/stretchers per day?
A. Currently I wear mine from 8am-6pm (roughly)

Q. How long did it take until you had 5cm or more without weight?
A. About a year or so I think. Using the shea butter helps as well as the sock in cold temperatures. You need to keep your balls warm at all times really.

Q. Will the skin/flesh between the cock and balls will get thinner
in diameter by the time - when it gets longer?
A. I found that when the skin starts to stretch it didn't feel as tight as when I first started out. Now my balls are so low it doesn't even touch my cock. I've now got a lot more skin on my ball sack than before.

Q. Do you think that a reasonably stretchy silicone tube could do the job during the daytime too?
A. I think the silicone will stretch but won't be as affective as weights. Weights seem to hang lower whereas the silicone won't drop any further down your ball sack.